Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kenny's 1st Birthday

Kenny’s 1st birthday party was so amazing!
He knew that today was his day! He relished all the attention and love that he received from all his family and friends that attended his wonderful celebration!

He had 4 different outfits that he changed in and out of through the evening and NOT once did he fuss about any of it. He is one of the happiest babies I have every photographed.

I hope you enjoy seeing this amazing little man as he enjoys he special day.

It was our pleasure to be apart of it all. Here are a few of our favorites.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Micah at 7 Months

Well I have to say that Micah is really growing up!
He is nearly walking now and BOY does he keep his parents busy chasing him around!

I was able to capture him playing with is toys and we even got him into his Halloween costume a little early.
His parents have a wonderful sense of humor and instead of making him a pumpkin like most people they had him be a hot dog.

My favorite photo is of him looking down at his lap with great concern about the size of the hot dog! HA HA HA !!

Here are some of my other favorites!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oklahoma City Photo Walk

My good friend Robert “Dixie” Trawick of Trawick Images invited me out to Okalahoma City to participate in a Photo Walk Class that he was teaching. I was all over the opportunity to go and visit Dixie and his family (wife Irene and daughter Amber). This was the first time I had the honor of meeting Dixie's daughter Amber, who I am now known as “Auntie Jess” (long story about my name but it is a nickname I have had for years). She loves cooking and that is my # 1 love right beside Photography.

On the Photo Walk there were a couple of SUPER CUTE 12 year old girls at one of the locations. Sarah and Aalyiah and they were just AWESOME! I had a absolutely great time hanging with the girls and Aalyiah's mom Jade. I also had the honor of them sitting next to me when we all met up for dinner in Bricktown after the walk was over.

I am looking forward to another chance to work with these young ladies on my next trip out to OKC!

Here are some photos that I was able to capture of these beautiful and talented young ladies on the Photo Walk.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

FN MTV Party with Pete Wentz & Chef Daniel

Once again the honor was mine to join Chef Daniel of Flavors with Love at the FN MTV party with Pete Wentz. There was lots of delicious food as always made by Chef Daniel and his staff. One of the great perks of working for a Chef is trying so much tantalizing, unique and totally fresh food. Since I have been working with Chef Daniel I have learned how to improve on my own cooking and have expanded the foods that I am willing to enjoy

Here are some photos from the FN MTV party.

Sequoia Road Trip '08

On the Road again with my Mom!
Mom and I love road trips! We are always trying to plan them when I have time to get away from the office and other responsibilities. For me its fun driving places and seeing new things and trying new foods and most of all having the time to be with my Mom and sharing my creative process as I do landscape and nature photography. My Mom has always been such a great force in my life! She has always supported me in my life choices even when she was not sure how I would survive. But thank God! and my amazing Mother I have made it 42 years so far.

Here are some photos from our Road Trip. This was extra special because Mom had never been to the Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Park so it was special for us to share this together.

The first day of our road trip we went into Sequoia National Park and came across a total of 3 bears. The first was about 6 to 8 months old I am guessing and was alone grubbing on a falling tree near the restrooms, the next two was a baby bear about 4 to 6 months old with his quite large mother, I am guessing she was about 250 pounds plus. The Baby was at the roadside and the mother was about 20 to 30 yards from him. A group of cars had stopped. So we stopped too, leaving Mom in the car and grabbing my camera to run after the baby and photograph him. Not before I located his mother and made sure not to be between them, I know as a Mom myself and I have heard many stories the last place you want to be is between a Mom and her baby.

The rest of the folks seemed to think it was okay to be so close to the baby with no worries about his Mama. Well I have seen enough movies to know better, I stayed away from the rest of the CRAZY people and place myself in a much safer position.

The last photo is of the windy road that you have to take to get into The Sequoia’s. I had to take a photo of it for my husband “Bear” and my oldest son Josh who love to drive fast on really windy roads. Mom and I just kept say how they would be having a great time on that road with Josh’s Subaru STI.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from our road trip!