Monday, June 25, 2007

A Fun Day at UCSD with Yvonne

A couple of weeks ago I got to take graduation photos for my oldest son Josh's girlfriend Yvonne at UCSD! I knew that we would have a great time hanging out and doing photography, so I invited a very dear friend who is a extremely talented photographer. . . RICKY MIA.

I just want to thank Ricky for coming all the way down to Sand Diego to shoot with us.

We had a totally great time, Yvonne, Josh Heather and Andy were so much fun to phtoograph. We went to several locations on the UCSD campus then we finished the day up down in La Jolla on the beach.

Here are a few images from the awesome day we had together.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Vanesza & Ryan

I was fortunate enough to be asked by my good friend Ricky Mia to help him shoot Venesza & Ryan's wedding on the beach in Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago. I had such a great time! the ceremony was so beautiful it even brought this photographer to shed a tear or two.

I hope that you enjoy the images of this great couples beach front wedding!

Ricky & Mia at the dog Beach in Santa Barbara

Here are some images of Rick and his dog Mia ( at least we let him think she is his, but we are just letting him hang out with her now and then)

It has been a complete privilege and honor to get to know and call Ricky and Mia our dearest friends! We couldn't ask for a more genuinely nice guy then Ricky! Plus he is a great photographer to boot!


Bear & I had the pleasure of a fun filled afternoon and evening photographing our good friend Leslie. She is an amazingly beautiful woman and very talented actress. We were all over Los Angeles and ended our day down at the Santa Monica Pier having dinner at my favorite place. . . BUBBA GUMPS!

Here are a few images from our adventures with Leslie!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kashina & Andre

After a HUGH BBQ meal at Rick Mia's house Kashina and Andre got the full star treatment with 6 photographers photographing them all around Santa Barbara. There was Ricky, Dia, Alvin, Carlo, Bear (my husband) and me. This was one of the greatest days I had spent in a long time and it was so perfect because Every single person that was apart of this day were some of the nicest people people I have ever had the pleasure of photography with.

Here are a few images from the afternoon we spent together. Kashina and Andre are so totally cute together and are just the perfect clients to photograph!