Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tammy & Spooky Dan Slideshow

This was the most unique weddings I have ever photographed. Tammy and Spooky Dan were married at the Houdini Mansion in Hollywood, CA. The mansion was so incredible, it would take you at least a weekend to truly be able to see it all. It has so many levels and yes that does mean a lot of stairs! But the good thing is my legs are looking much slimmer since the wedding. HA HA! Tammy and Spooky Dan's family and friends we all so great! It was awesome to see so many there to celebrate their totally Gothic union!.

They had corpses sitting in chairs greeting the guests as they arrived, skulls for centerpieces, Guitar Hero set up for all to play on the big screen TV, body parts in the pool, Frankenstein and his bride were on the cake and what made the cake even more unique was. . .it was created by Spooky Dan's Mom!

I had to add that Spooky Dan's Grandma was just too cute, she really got into the whole Gothic wedding thing also and wore all black to the wedding. NOW HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Here is their slideshow!

Tammy & Spooky Dan's Slideshow

Monday, January 14, 2008

Spooky Dan & Tammy's Wedding

Okay, I can't seem to come up with the words to explain how much fun I had shooting Tammy and Spooky Dan's wedding, which was held at the Houdini Mansion in the hollywood Hills. Tammy, Dan and their wedding coordinator Tiffani Sullivan really did an amazing job making this a truly spectacular Gothic wedding. Every detail was covered, the location, decorations, lighting, music, food and of course the totally awesome wedding cake made by Spooky Dan's Mom.

Here are a few images that we took of Tammy and Spooky Dan's wedding where I had the pleasure of being assisted by my husband Bear and the very talented Ricky Mia.

I hope you enjoy them.