Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tummy Face

My dear friends Lori & Ed are having a baby, their first child this coming January and I had the honor and great pleasure to be invited to their last 3D ultrasound. Now mind you when I had kids we had nothing like that. This was so TOTALLY COOL to see and be a part of. Lori and Ed are going to be wonderful parents with a great sense of humor as you can see by the special drawing that they put on Lori's tummy prior to the ultrasound.

Lori and Ed I wish you all the best with the arrival of your beautiful baby boy this coming January! I will definitely will be here if you need a babysitter or anything at all.

I love you both so much!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chef Daniel

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of going to Chef Daniel's kitchen and watching he and his staff prepare a wonderful Asian lunch. The wonderful aromas that were filling the kitchen were just amazing. I only wish my images could pass on the amazing smells and flavors that he puts into his food. His company name is rightfully named "Flavors with Love".
Here are a few images from my mouth watering afternoon with Chef Daniel and his staff.